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Best Bets of the Day - History

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Our "Best Bets" product evolved from the Kentucky Derby in 2005.  We had received a number of request from customers who wanted us to give them plays for Derby day.  For many of them, going to the track on Derby Day was about the only time they went to the track all year, and they wanted help on how to best bet the Derby and also how to make other plays for the day.  We made a quick survey and learned that most planned to bet approximately $200 for the entire day.      

The card was very good at Churchill Downs that day , as is typical for the day of the Kentucky Derby.  We put together a "Best Bets" which included several trifectas and pick threes and an across the board play on Greeley's Galaxy, a long shot we really liked to pull the upset.  Our recommendations called for a total amount bet of $200.  We felt confident our customers would win enough to cover the $50 we charged and their $200 in wagers and come home a net winner for the day.  I remember commenting at the time, I expected for them to win $500-$600 for the day.

Wow! Was I ever wrong.  Greeley's Galaxy got bumped and ran well out of the money; however, our other Long Shots won the the two races preceding the Derby and our Pick Three ticket All'd the final leg... "The  Derby".  We knew at that point all of our customers were going to be at least $1000 winners, even if one of the two favorites Afeet Alex or Bellamy Road won the race.  This would have been nice but we were rooting for a Long Shot to come in for a huge payoff.  Well, you know the of the longest shots in Derby history won and each of our customers won over $10,000!  We did the same package for the Preakness and our $200 in plays hit the trifecta, the superfecta ($12 ticket), and some other small ones for a total win of over $11,000 for the day!  Best Bets was born and we began offering it on an everyday basis later that year in the fall.

The product doesn't win every day, but those who use it regularly are big net winners.  At one point last fall we put together a win streak of 12 in a row for "Best Bets".......and have twice had 6 days in a row net winner and twice had 4 in a row, the most recent ending last weekend. Our worst losing streak was 6 in a row earlier this year, but all our regular "Best Bets" customers are big net winners again this year.  We have recently announced a 20% discount ($50 savings) for customers who buy a package of five.  It will cover any race days you select, except the days of Triple Crown events (the Derby, Preakness,Belmont Stakes), as we plan to sell those days separately,at a premium this year, riding the coat tails of last year's results. 

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