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Pick 6 Strategy

How to hit the big ticket !

I've had many questions regarding playing the Pick Six. Is it a good bet? When is the best time to play it? What's the best strategy?

The Pick Six is a terrific wager under certain circumstances and disciplines. First understand, it's very difficult to hit; however, far from impossible. There are small ticket winners almost every day! Outside the lottery, where do you have a better chance to win very big money for a relatively small wager?

I think it a particularly good bet when you can isolate 3 solid singles and at least 2 of the singles are not the favorite in their race. There are many days I can't do this, so I pass that day. Beyond finding the 3 singles I really like, my betting pattern is 2 horses with 3 horses , with 4 horses (sample ticket 1/1/1/2/3/4) for a maximum amount played of $48. I NEVER go over this amount on any given day (and often go less) on my pick six play. Throwing out lots of money on big tickets just cuts into my horse playing profit too much, and most importantly, when you're right, you get paid anyway and when you lose (which is very often), it's too much to lose on a real long shot gamble.

When to play the Pick 6

The best time to play may surprise you. It is not on big carryover days! You are up against too many huge pools which chop the pot way too much, and too much competition. Just 2 weeks ago there was a huge $3,000,000 pot at Hollywood Park. Lot's of winners got about $50,000, which was not bad , but not $3,000,000, and many times it's much much less. You stand a better chance on week days, where there's a lot less competition, when there's no carryover, and your winning ticket (except on real chalk days) will be $30,000 to $100,000 in southern California (Pick 6 heaven). Also, the 5 of 6 consolation pay out is sometimes real nice.

Always remember it's not the Track that you are competing with, it is the other horse players. And that's what makes playing the horses the best form of wagering. Over the long run the money transfers form losing horse player's pockets to the winning horse player's pockets. On real big carryover days, where the competition is real tough, I'll play a very small $4 to $8 ticket using my Top Picks much like I buy a lottery ticket at the grocery store. Played small , it's a good bet.

When the circumstances are right on normal days using the disciplines outlined above, it's a very good bet; and I've hit many over the years and you will too. Just make the plays you like, stay within the discipline, and don't try to buy the Pick Six; try to win it! Out of 20 days of racing during the month, I'll generally find the situation right to play only about 2 to 5 times at the maximum $48, and then there's generally 2 to 5 times per month with the big carryover and I'll play my $4 to $8 bet. The times I've had all 6 winners, though, far and few between, are tremendous rushes! I recommend it!



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