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Play of the Day - BalWal

Bet a Little, Win a Lot! - BalWal

We are now offering a new service called Play of the Day a.k.a. BalWal. The philosophy is to Bet a Little, Win a Lot (BalWal), which follows our general betting strategy of betting small cost tickets with high-leverage potential to win a lot. It only costs $4 to buy the package and you will need to wager up to $20 dollars to follow our Play of the Day. Think of it as buying a lottery ticket where you have a chance at winning a lot for a very small price. We won't win many of these, but we will win some, and when we do the pay-off will be VERY LARGE.

If you are looking to wager more to win more often, try our Best Bets of the Day package.

See a sample of our BalWal Play out the Day - It won $1,042 in our first week offering this new product!

BalWal Packages

If you are looking for added value, try buying our Top Pick & Longshots. We include our BalWal Play of the Day in that package.

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