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Preakness Stakes 2005 re-cap

Post Preakness analysis - $10,362 Superfecta and $436 Trifecta Winners

AND ON TO THE BELMONT STAKES.........with only 8 days remaining for the final leg of the '05 Triple Crown,  At The Track is moving from basking in the glory from our tremendous success in the Preakness and Derby to gearing up for the excitement and opportunity of the Belmont Stakes. Go to our Best Bets of the Day page to take advantage of big wins on a regular basis.

One last reflection on the Preakness:  Besides the fact we nailed the trifecta and superfecta for over $10,000, which has given us such a big head we can't find a cap that fits, the race itself will go down as my all time favorite race!  It was such a beautiful thing visually, as we could follow our 2 key horses Scrappy T and Afleet Alex throughout the whole race.

Scrappy made a fantastic controlled run to the front with plenty left in the tank.  Afleet Alex took a masterful ride and made a major impressive move in clear view of everyone prior to the incident.  Scrappy T then blew the turn going about 4 wide. I will always wonder if he would have won the race had he not blown that turn.  Afleet Alex was really coming hard, just gobbling up ground  so fast it seemed everyone else was in slow motion. 

Then the incredible incident!  When they clipped heels my heart stopped.  The fact Afleet Alex didn't go down was the most unbelievable feat of jockey and horse I've ever seen and the recovery to win the race is right up there with Kirk Gibson's home run which sent the Dodgers on to win the Series. 

The incredible race results enabled all of us At The Track to have a big pay day and the best thing of all was the notes and e-mails I got from customers who wrote things like " I love you, are you married?" , "I paid off all my credit card debt from the $12 superfecta bet",  "Best $200 I ever played thanks to you" and on and on.  We could feel the love and appreciate the warm feedback.  What a game this horse racing is........had Afleet Alex gone down we would have all just had one more small handful of tickets for the loser stack.  Nailing that superfecta on a $12 play was one of the things that will give me a thrill forever. 

Now on to the Belmont Stakes!  Can we catch lightning in a bottle, Back to Back To Back?  We're going to give it our best shot and invite you to come along for the ride by going to our Belmont Stakes page and purchasing our special Belmont Stakes play.  Perhaps you'll join those who played our suggested tickets at the Derby and won over $10,000 and those who used our Preakness recommendations for another $10,000 plus.............Ron Robinson - Founder -At The Track 

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Preakness Race Scenario Update - May 20, 2005

Unlike the cavalry charge of the recent Derby, we're expecting a more graceful race in the Preakness.  Our handicapping got us down to 5 horses (including 3 long shots) and our horseplaying experience suggest with large distorted pools, all the exotics are expected to be better than normal payouts, even if the favorites hit the board.  Of the long shots, Scrappy T peaks our interest the most coming off best effort in the Withers and we expect could improve further.   Afleet Alex looks to be the deserving chalk, performing better than we expected in the Kentucky Derby and we can't get that Arkansas Derby out of our minds. 

Recommended $200 play for the Preakness:  $36 trifecta-------5-8-10-12-13 with 5-12-13-with 5-8-10-12-13.  $90 Pick 3------ R#10 use 2-5-6 with Race #11 use 2-3-4-6-7-8 with race #12 use 5-8-10-12-13.  Also play Pick 3  using All in the Preakness (frequently a good bet in  large field big events like the Preakness) as follows:  Race #10 use 5-6 with Race #11 use 7-8  with All in the Preakness for cost of $56. Let's also play a $1 superfecta 5-12 with 5-12 with 8-10-13 with 8-10 13 for a cost of $12. Play $3 Win and Place of #5 to round out the $200 play.  Good luck at the Preakness from At The Track.

Early Thoughts on the Preakness

After the record pools and payouts from the Derby, I expect much larger than normal betting interest in the Preakness, especially in the exotics (trifecta, pick 3, superfecta). We can easily see some strange pools where many more people are trying to catch the big long shot for a giant payday. When this occurs, the chalk horses often pay unusually large amounts in the exotics.  The Preakness looks like a good opportunity to cash in on this phenomena. 

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