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Best Bets of the Day - the key to the big scores we've had.

Top Picks & Longshots - provides winners on a daily basis.

The Place Pick All - picks to help you hit the Place Pick All.

Pick 6 Play - picks to help you hit the Pick 6.

BalWal Play of the Day - low cost play with goal of a big score.


Our Guarantee

We will always strive to provide you the best opportunities to take home more money. If you are new to our service, try us out by buying a Top Picks & Longshots Package, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund all of your money back. This guarantee is only available to first-time users. So give us a try and see what you have been missing.


We are currently covering the following tracks:

Santa Anita


Best Bets of the Day

This package requires that you be willing to wager $200 to follow recommendations from our founder/handicapper Ron Robinson. In addition to the betting recommendations, you will also receive our Top Picks & Longshots package($25 value) for the track that we feel has the best potential for the day as well as our BalWal Play of the Day ($4 value). You will also receive our new Place Pick All product($12 value). You may choose the track for Top Picks if you have a preference, otherwise we will choose the track that we feel has the most potential for the day you are wagering. Not available for Triple Crown or Breeders' Cup racing days.
Package Options:


Top Picks & Longshots Package

One Track/Day Package - $25 - Now enhanced with our recommended Best non-favorite Win/Place Bet and Best Exacta Bet for the track you purchase. We also include our BalWal Play of the Day product. Please specify for which day you are ordering when placing an order on Paypal otherwise we will assume it is for the next time the track is running. If you are looking for a track that is not listed, contact us and we will handicap the track for you. We also discount packages if you buy our 5 or 10 Track Packages.


The Pick 6 Play

As a result of all the e-mails we get regarding playing the Pick Six, particularly on big carry-over days, we are introducing a new, product to help you play the Pick Six.  Learn more on our Pick 6 Play page.
Pick 6 Play Packages:


Customized Pick 6 Play

We know there are times to bet a large ticket, such as when there is a large carryover or even on regular Pick 6 days when the card looks easier than normal. Due to customer interest, we are now offering a custom edition of our Pick 6 Play. For those people, we offer picks tailored to exactly how much you want to wager. For example, if you want to wager $200, we will design a ticket that encompasses our best recommendations for your $200. We will decide the horses that will add the most value for your increased bet.
When you order, just send us a note telling us how much you want to wager, and we'll do the rest.

Pick 6 Play - Customized - $25


Play of the Day - BalWal

It only costs $4 to buy the package and you will need to wager 20 dollars to follow our play of the day.
BalWal Packages:

If you are looking for added value, try buying our Top Pick & Longshots. We include our BalWal Play of the Day in that package.



We accept all major credit cards or checks. To pay via credit card, click on one of the buttons below and you will be transfered to Paypal so that you can pay for your package. Paypal is the most widely used of all online payment services. Paypal is owned by eBay and is known by the online community for its safety and reliability. We have always used Paypal for our online payments and have never had a problem. If you wish to pay by check please contact us via email.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any other needs that you may have including selections for tracks that we normally do not carry . We are happy to tailor a package to your specific needs.

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