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Top Picks & Longshots

Hit the longshot winners at the horse races

The Original Winner

This is the first package that we ever offered and still one of our most popular. We provide you with our Top Picks & Longshots for whatever track you choose throughout the country. Longshots are our specialty and we recommend using them for maximizing your day at the track. Click for a sample of our Top Picks & Longshots package.

The package contains our Top Picks in our handicapped order of finish, as well as any longshots that we feel may have a chance at winning. The product also includes our recommended Best non-favorite Win/Place Bet and Best Exacta Bet which provides you with an excellent chance to take home more money. Isn't that what it's all about?

We also include our BalWal Play of the Day($4 value).

We are currently covering the following tracks:

Santa Anita

Top Picks & Longshots Package

One Track/Day Package - $25 - We also include our BalWal Play of the Day product. Please specify for which day you are ordering when placing an order on Paypal otherwise we will assume it is for the next time the track is running. If you are looking for a track that is not listed, contact us and we will handicap the track for you. If you are looking for a discount, you may be interested in our 5 or 10 Track Package.




If you are looking for a lower cost product that still helps you win, we recommend our Pick 6 Play. Not only does it give you our recommended Pick 6 bet, but you can also use it to help you make both traditional and exotic bets. Learn more.

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Our Guarantee

We will always strive to provide you the best opportunities to take home more money. If you are new to our service, try us out by buying a One Track/Day Package, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund all of your money back. This guarantee is only available to first-time users. So give us a try and see what you have been missing.


And don't hesitate to contact us with any other needs that you may have including but not limited to selections for tracks that we normally do not carry. Our specialty is tailoring a package to your specific needs.


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