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Winning Strategy

How to hit the big exotic ticket winners

The success of At The Track has been derived from the combination of our handicapping and consistent application of our betting strategy for Pick 3 and trifecta tickets.  We consider the betting strategy to be of at least equal importance to the handicapping and perhaps more.  Having the right horses doesn't provide any guarantee you leave a winner for the day or meet.   Sad, but unalterably true (except on particularly lucky days) there are a lot of losing tickets in playing the horses.

Methodology and Leverage

The At The Track methodology has produced a 31% winning ticket ratio over the past 6 years for pick 3 and trifecta plays.  The problem is that 7 out of 10 tickets played are losers.  The key is to make enough on the 3 winners to much more than off set the losing 7.  Plain and simple, this is what we accomplish. 

Very often, we find it statistically easier to produce a winning trifecta ticket or pick 3 ticket using a combination of horses than picking one good price horse to win and place.  There's no question that finding vulnerable favorites in both types of play are a key component to race selection.  Simulcast racing opens the doors for better race selection and better pools.  The leverage derived from pick 3 and trifecta play is what allows one or two small priced ticket winners to produce 10 to 20 or more times return on the amount played. 

We generally will not play a trifecta or pick 3 ticket which will not return at least 10 to 1 of the amount played.  If you're only going to win 3 of 10, you need this kind of leverage to win consistently.  Occasionally, the returns pay less than expected; but more often, they are off set by those that pay much more than expected.  

Our service is available to assist you with money management and betting strategy to better your chances of being a net winner At The Track, as that's what it's really all about.

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